Ancient Wisdom in Modern Research

Isn’t it odd that ancient wisdom is constantly surfacing in modern research? There’s an organization in California called HeartMath that studies Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is a study of how the heart beats and if you have a healthy HRV you have protection against a wide variety of physical and mental conditions – a poor HRV means you are at greater risk.


So how do you develop healthy HRV? There’s one emotion that is incredibly powerful and healing – that is the emotion of gratitude. Thinking of what you are grateful for – “counting

your blessings” – is scientifically found to have powerful healing potential.


The holiday of Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. And Americans especially have so much to be grateful for – a land founded on the concepts of individual freedom and responsibility, limited government and protection of individual rights (among others).


Yes, there are problems. Yes, we can be miserable if we let our issues take us over. But there’s an antidote, and you can practice it every day of the week and every hour of the day – not only on Thanksgiving Day – and you and your loved ones will benefit from it. (1)


1. Rash JA, Matsuba MK, Prkachin KM. Gratitude and well-being: who benefits the most from a gratitude intervention? Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being. 2011;3(3):350-369.
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