Asthma, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, gastrointestinal problems and chiropractic

What do they have in common? They all responded to chiropractic care.

In this issue we will see (below) a number of case histories and reviews regarding chiropractic patients with the above-mentioned conditions. You might ask, “What’s the connection? How could all these different conditions respond to chiropractic?”Autonomic Nervous System 2
There’s more. Clinical case studies of conditions responding to chiropractic are as varied as migraines, backaches, vision problems, hearing problems, asthma, digestive problems, menstrual cramps, stress, anxiety, colds, flu, heart conditions, spine and disc conditions and many others.
Why? Patients have said, “How could working on someone’s bones help so many health problems?”
The answer is because Doctors of Chiropractic are not working on “someone’s bones.” What we are really doing is releasing pressure off of their nervous system – permitting their nerves to function without pressure or interference thus allowing their body to function better. These areas of nerve pressure caused by body distortions are called subluxations. Doctors of Chiropractic spend years learning how to locate and correct subluxations.
When subluxations are corrected your nervous system begins to communicate with your internal organs, glands, muscles, bones, tissues, cells and fluids more efficiently so your healing ability – your “internal doctor” – works better.
That’s what this illustration shows – how your brain communicates with your body parts using the nerves as “wires.” Spinal and structural distortions can impinge or stress these nerves.
When your body is working better, you heal better. And that’s the chiropractic purpose – to locate areas of bad communication and make adjustments so you’ll function better, heal better, feel better and live a longer and healthier life (and your loved ones too!).
That’s why over a hundred years of chiropractic clinical success includes MS, PD, GERD, asthma, allergies, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, migraines and hundreds of other conditions.


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