Stress…You Need It!

Yes, you do. What? Shouldn’t we avoid stress? First of all, that is impossible. To be alive is to be under stress—from gravity to feeling and

Sonoran Wellness Center Chiropractic Care

Sonoran Wellness Center Chiropractic Care

relating to others stress is always with us.

Doesn’t stress wear us down? Doesn’t stress exhaust us?

Chronic stress can cause burnout and breakdown, and yet lack of stress weakens us.


So what should we do about stress?

It’s all in the balance. First we need to push ourselves to uncomfortable limits to grow but then we need rest and sleep for renewal.

Without stress your heart and muscles will slowly but surely wither (about 1% a year after age 30). But even very late in life that withering can be reversed.

The harder you push yourself, the more you signal your body to grow. The growth actually occurs during recovery. The limiting factor is mostly your tolerance for discomfort.

Most of us instinctively run from discomfort, but struggle equally to value rest and renewal. We operate instead in a gray zone, rarely fully engaged and rarely deeply relaxed.

What practice could you add to your life to regularly push beyond your comfort zone—and then deliberately renew? Increasing the amplitude of your wave— from intense effort to deep renewal—is the surest path to a more fully realized life.


Most Importantly: Come in and get adjusted so your body can handle and process stress at it’s best!

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