The shingles vaccine is designed to treat a vaccine-caused condition,

According to Russell Blaylock, MD writing in The Blaylock Wellness Reportnewsletter:

The reason the shingles vaccine was developed was because of the widespread use of the chickenpox vaccine. This latter vaccine dramatically increased the incidence of shingles in adults. There is no evidence that the shingles vaccine works, but there is evidence that some have gotten the shingles after getting the vaccine.
 In adults who get shingles, the chickenpox virus has been hiding (latent) in the ganglion close to their spinal nerves for a lifetime. When a person’s immune system weakens, the virus re-activates and inflames the nerve—causing blistering, intense pain and misery. (1)

1.    Blaylock RL. The Blaylock Wellness Report. July 2012;9(7).
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