Who Wants to Keep You in the Dark

Oregon and Colorado had ballot initiatives to require mandatory labeling of foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Junk food and chemical corporations are spending million$ to fight these laws to prevent you from knowing whether or not your food contains GMOs. Sadly, the right-to-know people were outspent and the initiatives failed in Colorado but as of this writing the Oregon vote is too close to call. Who are the companies fighting to prevent you from knowing if foods are GMO? Below is a list and a breakdown of what they spent in Colorado and Oregon respectively. (1)



Monsanto: $4.7/$4.8 million
DuPont/Pioneer (Oregon only): $3.04 million
Pepsi: $1.65/$1.4 million
Coca-Cola: $1.1/$.7 million
Kraft Foods: $1.03/$.87 million
General Mills: $820,000/$695,000
The Hershey Co.: $380,000/$320,000
J.M. Smucker Co.: $345,000/$295,000
Dow Agrosciences, a Dow Chemical Company: $300,000/$368,000
Kellogg Co.: $250,000/$250,000
Conagra Foods: $250,000/$250,000
Flowers Food Inc. (Oregon only): $250,000
Smithfield Foods (Oregon only): $200,000
Land O’Lakes (Oregon only): $760,000

There is presently a boycott of the above companies as they try to prevent you from knowing if your food contains GMOs. Please join it.

For a list of companies who contributed for and against labeling laws go to: http://www.inspirationgreen.com/index.php?q=vote-yes-on-37.html



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