Whooping Cough in the Vaccinated

There was a 24% increase in the US in 2013 in pertussis or whooping cough (nearly 10,000 cases) over the same period of time in 2012. (5) The vaccine is a failure. The journal Clinical Infectious Diseases revealed that of all the patients who were diagnosed with pertussis, 81% were fully vaccinated (!), and that about 20% of all children with a persistent cough had pertussis (and they were vaccinated).

Pertussis can still be found in a fifth of school age children who present in primary care with persistent cough and can cause clinically significant cough in fully vaccinated children. ( 6)

The pertussis vaccine is not simply ineffective at preventing pertussis, it has caused the death of many children as well as seizures and other forms of brain injury such as autism. The vaccine is deliberately used to cause encephalomyelitis in lab animals but when a child contracts encephalomyelitis, the child’s parents are told it’s a “coincidence.”

There is no proof that the assumed benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks and parents can be given no proof that the vaccine is safe.

Please consider that when pediatricians tell parents with a new baby that they need to give the child a pertussis (DTP or DTaP) shot.




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