You Need a Little Cholesterol in the Night

If you are taking a cholesterol-lowering drug you are playing with fire. Right now one in four Americans over the age of 45 takes a cholesterol-lowering (statin) drug. In addition to wasting their money, these people are increasing their risk of serious health problems including cancer.

Think of it – cholesterol is found in all of your cells and is essential for many hormones and chemicals you need to live. It’s necessary for brain function. That’s one reason that at least 80% of your total cholesterol is made by your liver – why would your liver make a “mistake”? You need the cholesterol.


So why is cholesterol considered dangerous?

Ancel Keys, PhD started the cholesterol mania. He was a researcher who collected data from many countries on the amount of saturated fat people consumed and the levels of cholesterol. From all his data he picked 7 countries, including the US, which showed a direct Cholesterolcorrelation between heart disease, cholesterol and saturated fat. (4)

However, another researcher, Malcolm Kendrick, MD looked at the same data and picked different countries and showed that the data could come to the opposite conclusion: people with the highest amount of cholesterol and saturated fat had less heart disease. (5) Why the difference? Keys “cherry picked” the data to reach a certain conclusion.

Sadly, certain special interest groups publicized this and lobbied the government to support the dietary conclusions (and recommendations) from Keys’ poor and slanted interpretations of the data.

But there’s no questioning this: there is no proof that eating lots of saturated fats, and having high cholesterol, causes heart disease.


Cholesterol-lowering drugs cause health problems

However there is plenty of research that reveals that people taking drugs to lower cholesterol are having health problems. For example:

In a study of over 6600 individuals, statin use (cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Lipitor™ and Crestor™) was associated with increased coronary plaques. (6)

Whoa! Isn’t coronary plaque what statin drugs are supposed to prevent?

Statin use is also associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. (7)

Remember, about half the people who have fatal heart attacks have normal or low cholesterol.

And even more revealing is this (this is amazing!). When they finally did a large scale trial to see if statin drugs were good for you (the Excel Trial) the researchers found a three-fold (300%) increase in death from all causes in the statin group compared to the placebo group. That included cancer and heart disease. (8)

That’s right, taking a statin drug (i.e. Lipitor™, Crestor™ or other cholesterol-lowering drugs) increases your chance of death. If you go to an MD who is pushing statins do yourself a favor, find an MD who understands nutrition and the real research.


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